South Dakota Herefords Promoting the Breed By Serving Thousands of Ribeye Sandwiches

For a little over a decade, the South Dakota Hereford Association (SDHA) has served Certified Hereford Beef® Ribeye Sandwiches at Dakotafest in Mitchell, SD, every August. This year was no exception. Over the years, the sandwich stand has become a crowd favorite food vendor at the annual event that showcases over 500 vendors ranging from seed and equipment companies to livestock demonstrations and political forums.

Certified Hereford Beef® Ribeye Sandwiches at Dakotafest

The downed ag economy certainly had an impact on the foot traffic of Dakotafest this year, but the SDHA is grateful to – yet again – call the event a success for the ribeye sandwich stand. Over the course of the three-day event, the SD Hereford Association served some 10,303 CHB Ribeye Steak Sandwiches.

Just how do the workers keep up with the high demand for this superior product? For starters, an event like this requires many helping hands – to the tune of 25 to 30 volunteers a day. The SDHA has also invested in two custom built grills that hold around 75 ribeyes each. In order to keep it all flowing, the group must have enough grillers in order for them to be able to take regular breaks and  keep hydrated – after all, on a hot day the folks manning the grills are subjected to heat near 110˚F. Along with keeping them safe, the Association strives to keep them happy – utilizing a quality meat product does just that. On multiple occasions this year, the grilling staff made comments on the outstanding quality of the CHB Ribeyes – specifically with regards to marbling and the neatness of the product’s trim. 

Some might ask – if it’s so much work, why continue to host the sandwich stand? The answer is two-fold, but yet rather simple. First, the Hereford producers of South Dakota see the need to market and promote Hereford Beef. By serving CHB Ribeye Sandwiches at Dakotafest each year, the Association is doing just that. Second, the Dakotafest CHB Ribeye Sandwich Stand is the largest fundraising event in the SDHA’s annual calendar. The funds raised help provide support for scholarships, Youth Heifer Grants, and awards for the South Dakota Junior Hereford Association. 

The SDHA is passionate about building up and bringing along the next generation of producers and consumers. “We’re making large strides towards the state Association’s goals and objectives with one small but mighty ribeye sandwich stand,” said Abbie Cribbs, manager of the South Dakota Hereford Association.



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