2021 Field Day Recap

The 2021 SDJHA Field Day was held on June 11th and 12th at the Codington County Fair Grounds in Watertown, South Dakota.

We had a great turnout for the two-day event with 47 junior members participating.  We had 77 entries in contest that included Extemporaneous Speech, Future Professionals, Illustrated Speech, Poster, Photography, Individual and Team Sales, Fitting, Queen, Showmanship, and Obstacle Course.

There were 81 head of cattle exhibited.

The SDJHA held a meeting where they elected the new Board of Directors and Delegates that will represent South Dakota at the NJHE.  

Our 2021 SDHA Queen is Addison Haase.

We are immensely proud of our Hereford youth and by their enthusiasm we see a bright future for the Hereford breed in South Dakota.

We are already looking forward to the 2020 SDJHA Field Day to be held June 10th & 11th.  The location is yet to be determined.

Contest and Show Winners are as follows:

SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Extemporaneous Speech Contest Results  
Senior Division Rank 
Ivan Blume 1st 
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Future Professionals Contest Results  
Senior Division Rank 
Maesa Dvorak 1st 
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Illustrated Speech Contest Results  
Peewee Division Rank 
Macey Josephson 1st 
Junior Division Rank
Rylee Knock1st 
RaeAnna Knock2nd
Jayna Blume3rd
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Sales Contest Results  
Peewee DivisionRank 
Brooklyn Marshall1st 
Junior DivisionRank
Chance Blum1st
Natalie Marshall2nd
Jayna Blume3rd
TEAM SalesRank
Brooklyn & Natalie Marshall 1st 
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Photo & Poster Contest Results  
Peewee Division Rank 
Weston Grace 1st 
Weston Grace 2nd
Macey Josephson3rd
Junior DivisionRank
Kane Grace1st
Kane Grace2nd
Jayna Blume 3rd
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Fitting Contest Results  
Senior Division Rank 
Tanner Grupe1st 
Jasmine Walter2nd
Junior Division Rank
Chance Blum 1st 
Riley Rasmussen2nd 
Kane Grace3rd
Beginner Division Rank
Weston Grace1st 
Macey Josephson2nd
Layla Bothe3rd
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Obstacle Course Contest Results  
Peewee Division Rank 
Rhett Blume1st 
Cooper Olawsky2nd
Brooklyn Marshall3rd
Junior DivisionRank
Chance Blum1st
Lyla Bothe2nd 
Kendall McAreavey 3rd
Intermediate DivisionRank
Blake Peskey1st
JaCee Dvorak2nd
Ireland McAreavey3rd
Senior DivisionRank
Maesa Dvorak1st
Jasmine Walter 2nd 
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Cow/Calf PairRank
Camryn HouselogChampion
Rylee KnockRes. Champion
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Bulls 
Jayna BlumeChampion
Camryn HouselogRes. Champion
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Bred & Owned Female 
Jayna BlumeChampion
Chesney EfflingRes. Champion
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Owned Female 
Chesney EfflingChampion
Natalie MarshallRes. Champion
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Steer 
Claire MorganChampion
Makayla SimmermonRes. Champion
SDJHA 2021 Field Day – Showmanship 
Senior DivisionRank
Chesney EfflingChampion
Maesa DvorakRes. Champion
Intermediate DivisionRank
Addison HaaseChampion
Ireland McAreaveyRes. Champion
Junior DivisionRank
Natalie MarshalChampion
Rylie RasmussenRes. Champion
Peewee Division Rank 
Weston GraceChampion
Macey JosephsonRes. Champion
SDHA 2021 Queen 
Addison Haase
2021 Jordan Mack Award 
Maesa Dvorak
2021-2022 SDJHA – Board of Directors 
Chesney EfflingPresident
Tyler RasmussenPresident Elect
Secretary Devon Moore
TreasurerAddison Haase
ReporterMakayla Simmermon
Masea DvorakDirector
Tate JohnsonDirector
JaCee DvorakDirector
2021 South Dakota Delegates for NJHE
JaCee Dvorak
Tate Johnson