SD Junior Field Day
June 21, 2008
Watertown, SD

Champ Cow/Calf Pair: Michael Delaney with JDH MS P606 Boomer 20R/heifer calf by TWC Red Obsidian M326 412R.
Res Cow/Calf pair: Nicole Peckham with THR Miss Thor R5188/heifer calf by Pure Gold 98170.

Champ Bull: Travis Williamson with SPH 514 Recruit 20U by KJ Recruit 966R DOB 2/17/2008.
Res Bull: Kayla Guether with KCG Lariat Dan born 2/14/2006 by MSU Lariat L45

Champ Bred & Owned Heifer: Joe Brandt with BRNT Robin 23T sired by Four Gold Strike 1127, born 3/8/2007.
Res B & O Heifer: Kelsey Repenning with Blacktop Creampuff 732 born 3/1/07 by LaGrand Reload 80P ET.

Grand Champion Heifer: Kelsey Repenning with TH Moler Dominette 93T born 2/16/07 sired by BR Moler ET.
Res Heifer: Erica Endres with HPH 72R Tess 171T born 4/7/07 sired by HPH Authority 14N.

Champion Senior Showman: Melissa Goetz
Champion Junior Showman: Erica Endres
Champion Peewee Showman: Alicia Guether
High point individual: Kelsey Repenning (Sponsored by Dakota Air Spray)
Premier Exhibitor: Erica Endres (Sponsored by Sherri Hanson)

2008 SD Jr. Hereford Field Day Rules

1.      Cattle must have approved health certificates.

2.      Entry forms must be postmarked by June 10 in order to avoid paying late fees. 

3.      Registration certificates must accompany all animals at check-in.  Tattoos must be readable or the subject animal will be disqualified.  Baby calves entered in classes other than cow/calf pair must have registration papers.

4.      Exhibitors must be paid members of the SDJHA. 

5.      Heifers and bulls must have been born after September 1, 2006 to compete.

6.      Steers must have been born in 2007, have a steer certificate from the AHA, and have Hereford markings and color.

7.      Ownership:

§         Steers and Owned Heifers must be owned by the junior exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family.

§         Bred and Owned Heifers must be bred and owned by the junior exhibitor as specified on the registration certificate.

§         Bulls must be bred by the junior exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family, and the exhibitor or family must retain an ownership interest.

§         Cow-Calf Pairs: the cow must be owned by the junior exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family 30 days prior to the show.  The cow must be registered; the calf need not be registered unless it is entered in heifer or bull classes.

8.      Showmanship classes will be divided into age brackets as follows: Peewee 7-10; Junior 11-13; Senior 14-21.  Age is as of January 1, 2008.

9.      The heifer, bull, and cow/calf classes will be no-fit – meaning absolutely NO adhesives.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification.  Fitting is allowed for the steer show.

10.  Stall assignments will be made by the barn superintendent.  Exhibitors must clean their stalls; failure to comply will result in forfeiture of premiums.

11.  Entry fees will not be refunded, but substitutions will be allowed.

12.  A separate entry form must be submitted for each exhibitor; photocopy as necessary. Entries can also be printed off the Hereford America website. (

Contest Information
Photos can be anything pertaining to Herefords, pretty pictures or funny photos.  Divided by age brackets in rule # 8.  Photos must be framed or mounted on a board.

Team Marketing: Teams will consist of 2-3 juniors with the age bracket determined by the oldest member of the team.  Take your animal to the judge and attempt to “sell” it.  Use pedigree information, performance information, and phenotype.

Speech: Prepare a speech related to the beef industry to give in front of an audience. Divided by age brackets in rule #8.

Obstacle Course: Maneuver your animal through an obstacle course in the best time.

*NEW* The Premier Exhibitor Award:
New this year in 2008, is the Premier Exhibitor Award based on points accumulated from participation in each of the contests as well as the cattle show.  At the Jr. Meeting last November, a motion was made and passed to have all our Pee Wee and Junior members present at Field day participate in a minimum of 1 of the above mentioned contests.  (Photography, Team Marketing, Speech and Obstacle Course).  Sherri Hanson will be sponsoring this prestigious award.  

            Friday, June 20th  
            1:00                 All cattle must be in place
            1:00 – 3:00      Check-in: Must have health papers and registration certificates.
            3:00                 Contests: Speech, Team Marketing, Photo, and Obstacle Course
            6:00                 SDJHA Meeting
            Supper to follow meeting.

            Saturday, June 21st  
            10:00 A.M. Show       Cow-Calf Pairs
                                                Owned Heifers
                                                Bred and Owned Heifers
                                                Lunch Break (15-30 minutes-depending on time schedule)

Codington County Extension Complex
1910 West Kemp Avenue
Watertown, SD

Super 8- Headquarters
35 double rooms booked under South Dakota Junior Hereford Association block, singles available
Complimentary pool/whirlpool. 
Call 1-605-882-1900. 
Remember to reserve your room immediately!

For more information contact:

Abbie Cribbs, SDHA Manager
47456 201st St.
White, SD 57276